Personal Aircraft Liability

We offer comprehensive liability coverage arising out of the ownership, maintenance and use of multiple types of aircraft.


We write in all 48 states through appointed independent brokers, except Alaska, Vermont and the District of Columbia.
Personal Aircraft

Targeted Classes

Single Engine Aircraft

  • Standard – Piston & Turbine
  • Experimental
  • Light Sport

Multi-Engine Aircraft

  • Piston & Turbine


  • Helicopters – Piston & Turbine
  • Gyrocopters

Targeted Aircraft Operations

Pleasure and business use – non-commercial  

Policy Limits

  • Up to $10M liability each occurrence
  • Aircraft hull values up to $3M

Additional Liability Coverages

  • Medical Expense
  • Non-owned Aircraft Liability

AIM Higher Comprehensive Coverage Endorsement

  • Bahamas & Caribbean Extension
  • Unearned Premium Insurance
  • Spare Parts Coverage
  • Emergency Landing Expenses Coverage
  • Trip Interruption Coverage
  • Portable Avionics Coverage
  • Hurricane Protection Coverage
  • Aircraft Value Appreciation
  • Baggage Liability
  • Liability For Sale of an Owned Aircraft
  • Damage to Non-Owned Hangars and Non-Owned Contents
  • Airport Premises Liability
  • Search & Rescue Expenses
  • Temporary Use of Aircraft Expenses
  • Non-Owned Hull Coverage
* Available for select non-commercial use aircraft only

General Aviation Contacts

Randy Kasen
Aviation Underwriting Manager

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